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  • Provide hand washing capabilities throughout the workplace.

  • Ensure frequent handwashing by employees and adequate supplies to do so.

  • Provide regular sanitization of high touch areas, such as workstations, equipment, screens, doorknobs, restrooms throughout the work site.


  • All persons, including employees, customers, and vendors should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside workplaces.

  • All employees, customers, and visitors must wear a protective face mask.



  • Establish and maintain cleaning protocols specific to the business.

  • When an active employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, cleaning, and disinfecting must be performed.

  • Disinfection of all common surfaces must take place at intervals appropriate to said workplace.


  • Provide training for employees regarding social distancing and hygiene protocols.

  • Employees who are displaying COVID-19-like symptoms do not report to work.

  • Establish a plan for employees getting ill from COVID-19 at work, and a return-to-work plan.

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